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Network Maintenance
Nobody notices when your network is running smoothly, only when there’s a problem. So keep your network up to speed and out of mind with network maintenance from Changing Technologies.

Short or Long-Term Consultations
Whether your business requires emergency assistance, one-time support, or on-going IT expertise and solutions, you’re covered with Changing Technologies. Our flexibility allows you to get the exact amount of service that you require without being forced to sign lengthy and prohibitive contracts like some IT service companies require.

Mission Critical Systems Report

Keep your network running in tip-top shape with Changing Technologies’ Mission Critical Systems Report, available at a special monthly rate. The report reviews and summarizes the status of all the technical indicators of your network’s health, like:
• Event logs
• Daily backup logs
• Antivirus signatures
• OS patches
• Security patches
• Firmware versions
• Critical services status (including email, SQL, DNS, etc.)

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Network Security
Viruses, hackers, spammers, and even your own employees can put your computers and vital data at risk. Protect them, and your business, with a security plan from Changing Technologies.

Comprehensive Security Analysis
Our team of information security consultants will provide you with free assessments and honest recommendations. We'll work within your budget, helping to create a stress-free strategy to protect your business. We’ll help you to address:
• IT network disaster recovery plans
• Adequate server disaster recovery solutions
• Remote data backups and offsite storage of data

Firewall Installation and Configuration
You have a network full of valuable, confidential business information. Without a firewall, intruders may enter your network at will, data can be compromised - and all without your knowledge. Protect your network with a firewall designed to keep your business safe without strangling your communications. Changing Technologies will install and configure the best firewall solution for your business and give you all the information you need to maintain its performance over time.

Virus Protection
Viruses can create costly, time-consuming havoc for those businesses that are caught unaware. The loss of critical data and precious time to a virus outbreak is a real threat in today’s business place. But with Changing Technologies you can rest easy. We will install the latest virus protection on your network, and ensure that it is continually up-to-date. We can also train your staff on avoiding viruses and help keep you informed about the latest news and best practices to protect your business.

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